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          NEWS CENTER

          Summary report of the European investigation group on fashion printing

          Release time2019-10-31 20:15:10

          Hello everyone!

          I am wearing ink.

          The day before yesterday, Xiaobian was pushing xaar5601 digital inkjet nozzle

          I'd like to make a remark

          Summary report of European investigation group on fashion printing

          It's fresh!

          I thought it was just a casual remark.

          But I didn't think of it

          A stone stirs a thousand waves

          There's been a lot of audience these two days

          Through backstage, wechat and other ways

          Express the idea that you want to see the real face of the report

          I can't stand your enthusiasm

          Xiaobian decision

          Make a push version of the summary report of the European investigation group of fashion printing


          China's textile industry is facing industrial upgrading and transformation. The successful mode of small batch, multi batch and rapid response in the international market, especially in developed countries, has brought new possibilities to the domestic printing industry: the development of digital printing. After nearly ten years of development, digital printing has basically determined the industrial characteristics of flexibility, intelligence and rapid response, which makes digital printing technology gradually occupy part of the printing market.

          In order to cope with the international competition, the textile industry in Western Europe, especially in Italy and Spain, adopts the strategies of automatic production, increasing the added value of products, expanding the overseas market, etc., which is worth learning from. Therefore, nine textile printing related enterprises from Italy and Spain were selected for the visit, respectively involving design, production, environmental protection and other aspects. 9 enterprises, including:

          (1) Anteprima pattern design studio;

          (2) Blue Studio flower studio;

          (3) Gabel home textile printing factory in Italy;

          (4) palestro digitale digital printing factory;

          (5) ms printing display center and factory;

          (6) JK group ink factory;

          (7) Konica Europe;

          (8) EFI REGGIANI factory;

          (9) Colorprint fashion printing factory.

          Group list

          Serial number

          Corporate name

          Full name



          Shaoxing Zhenyong Textile Co., Ltd

          Huang Meng Jing

          Design Director


          Fujian Donglong knitwear Co., Ltd

          Lin Chao Wang

          General manager


          Nantong Hongcai digital printing design Co., Ltd.

          Yuan Tian Hong

          General manager


          Sichuan Silk Research Institute

          Hangzhou Tianrui silk

          Chen Jiang

          General manager


          Sichuan Silk Research Institute

          Hangzhou Tianrui silk

          Liu Yan



          Shaoxing Yixin digital printing

          Zhejiang Shaoxing flying Printing Co., Ltd

          Zhi Gang yuan

          General manager


          Jamin New Materials Technology Co., Ltd




          Zhejiang Senbao printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.

          Sang Zhi Long

          General manager


          Jiangyin Guangyuan tape Co., Ltd.

          Wen Xiang Zhi

          General manager


          Shandong Ouhua printing and dyeing Home Textile Co., Ltd.

          Yan Mei Zhen

          General manager


          Shandong Ouhua printing and dyeing Home Textile Co., Ltd.

          All the same

          Vice General Manager


          Chairman of Shandong Liutuan Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. and China Cotton Textile City

          Liang Zhong Han



          Shanghai mayus Technology Development Co., Ltd

          Xiao Peng

          General manager


          Green banner inkjet Co., Ltd

          Liu Chuang

          Vice General Manager


          Green banner inkjet Co., Ltd

          Lian Bin Zhang

          General manager


          Yadong (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

          Xue Liang

          President of general manager


          Wujiang Hailongda printing factory

          Hai Lin Yao

          General manager


          Shaoxing simple Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

          Chen Hong

          General manager



          Chen Lu

          Senior printing Asia Pacific director



          Li Jia

          Senior printing Asia Pacific Marketing Manager


          Shanghai XiaGu culture media Co., Ltd

          (fashion print)

          Chun Xia







          June 15th


          Departure (Shanghai Milan), visit Milan


          June 16th


          Touring Milan


          June 17th


          1 visit Anteprima's pattern design studio,

          (etabeta digital printing company)

          Como, Italy

          2 visit Blue Studio

          Como, Italy

          3 visit Gabel home textile printing factory

          Como, Italy

          June 18th


          1 visit customers of mouvent printing factory

          Palestro digitale

          Como, Italy

          2 visit MS Printing Exhibition Center

          Como, Italy

          3 visit JK group ink factory

          Como, Italy

          June 19th


          1 visit Konica European Center

          Como, Italy

          2 focus on EFI REGGIANI factory

          Bergamo, Italy

          June 20th


          Bagamo, Italy Alicante airport, Spain

          Begamo Alicante

          1 visit Colorprint fashion factory (fast fashion printing factory cooperated by Zara and Zara home)

          Alicante, Spain

          Alicante, Spain Barcelona, Spain

          Alicante Barcelona

          June 21st


          Visit ITMA Exhibition

          Barcelona, Spain

          June 22nd


          Visit ITMA Exhibition

          Barcelona, Spain

          June 23rd


          Back to Shanghai

          Barcelona, Spain

          1. Visit Anteprima pattern design studio

          Company profile

          Anteprima is the largest flower design studio in Italy. Founded in 1992, it has a high sensitivity to fashion. It provides hand-painted or computer-designed flower and fashion trend reports for Milan fashion week, international brands (especially D & G) and fashion markets all year round. Flower types are rich and varied, involving men's, women's, children's, swimwear, underwear and other different categories of flower types. Every year, we provide a large number of high-quality flower patterns to markets all over the world (including China), and the price of some flower patterns is very competitive.

          Visiting content

          (1) visit the flower exhibition room of Anteprima flower studio;

          (2) visit Anteprima proofing and pattern production workshop and watch the production process of bulk goods;

          (3) understand the European and American flower design ideas and the overall flower market price;

          (4) business negotiation, some members of the Group signed flower purchase agreement with Anteprima;

          2. Visit Blue Studio

          Company profile

          Blue Studio flower design studio is located in Como, Italy. It is well-known in the local area. The flower design style is rich and changeable, which is popular with customers.

          Visiting content

          (1) visit the practical pattern design studio;

          (2) visit Blue Studio's flower pattern exhibition;

          (3) visit the design department and watch the designer carry out the design operation;

          3. Visit Gabel home textile printing factory

          Company profile

          Located in Como, Italy, it is the largest and high-end home textile brand in Italy. Founded in 1957, it straddles the Italian peninsula and has a production base of 110000 square meters. It has a highly intelligent production and management, a durst alpha330 paint digital printing production line, and an early Japanese Dongshen digital printing production line, all of which are used for brand self-sale. It's the leader of home textile industry!

          Visiting content

          (1) visit the printing and operation mode of brand home textile printing factory

          (2) refer to the operation of dust alpha 330 printer on the spot

          (3) visit the production and quality of the printing factory

          4. Visit the customers of mouvent printing factory (palestro digitale)

          Company profile

          Palestro digitale printing factory is located in Como, Italy, with two mouvent digital printing machines. Mouvent is headquartered in Switzerland. The printing quality of the equipment can be rated as the world's top, and the degree of automation is very high. Mouvent's printing customers may not be very large, but they are all top-quality products in the world.

          Visiting content

          (1) visit the small workshop high-end printing factory represented by palestro digitale;

          (2) visit the actual printing and operation of mouvent equipment

          5. Visit MS Printing Exhibition Center

          Company profile

          Located in Como, Italy, it is one of the largest digital printing equipment manufacturers in Italy. The equipment sells well all over the world, and the product line is very rich. It provides a complete set of programs including thermal sublimation transfer printing, active, acid, paint digital printing, etc. Its single pass is the first in the industry, with technology and experience at the forefront of the industry.

          Visiting content

          (1) visit all MS machines and processes;

          (2) attend MS lecture on finishing machinery.

          6. Visit JK group ink factory

          Company profile

          JK group and MS belong to Dover group. JK group has two ink manufacturing plants, kiian and j-teck3. The delegation visited Kian ink factory. Kian factory is the world's leading manufacturer of thermal sublimation ink and the top ink production factory in Italy. Since its establishment in 1988, the factory has a history of 20 years, with an annual output of more than 2000 tons of ink and an annual output value of US $50 million. Ink types include heat sublimation ink, high temperature dispersion direct spray ink, coating ink, etc.

          Visiting content

          (1) listen to the explanation of the history and current situation of Kian plant;

          (2) visit Kian automatic production line.

          7. Visit Konica European Center

          Company profile

          Konica Europe branch is located in Como, Italy. The exhibition center has Konica single pass SP-1 high-speed printer, various models (including nasseger8, nasseger10), and rich samples. Experience the quality and shock of single pass high-speed printing on site. Konica provides the whole scheme of nozzle, digital printing equipment and ink, the long life of nozzle (generally more than 3 years), plus the quick service of 6 after-sales engineers, Konica equipment is in short supply in European market, currently 5 single pass have been sold in Europe (9 single pass have been sold in the World). At the same time, it has developed rapidly in the Eastern European market in recent years.

          Visiting content

          (1) visit Konica's exhibition hall,

          (2) listen to Konica's sales in Europe.

          8. Visit EFI REGGIANI factory

          Company profile

          REGGIANI factory is located in Bergamo, Italy, covering an area of 15000 square meters. It is the oldest printing equipment factory in Europe. It produces traditional round screen, flat screen and digital printing, with an annual output of more than 100 printing machines. It is a global best-selling factory. After being acquired by EFI in 2015, the product line has been further expanded, covering machines, inks, software, and various application schemes (such as ceramics, advertising, digital printing, etc.), and the latest digital single pass + round net printing machine with a printing speed of up to 90 m / min, bolt bolt bolt, has been launched! As soon as bolt was launched, it attracted many customers. At present, 4 sets of bolt have been sold.

          Visiting content

          (1) listen to the information about REGGIANI's factory and production;

          (2) visit the startup demonstration of all REGGIANI products

          (3) visit REGGIANI production plant

          9. Visit Colorprint fashion factory

          Company profile

          Spain's top printing factory, located in Valencia, Spain, mainly produces Zara fast fashion women's printing fabric, Zara home high-quality home textile printing fabric. The products are sent to all over the world. The flexible production management of the factory is very advanced, especially worth seeing!

          Visiting content

          (1) visit the collaborative production of digital printing and traditional printing

          (2) check the operation of duest equipment

          (3) learn the production process and experience of Colorprint fashion

          Summary and analysis

          Taking the opportunity of ITMA exhibition in Barcelona, Spain in 2019, Shanghai XiaGu culture and Media Co., Ltd. organized a "European investigation team of fashion printing" and led some elites of textile printing related enterprises to visit the intelligent chemical plants related to textile dyeing and finishing in Milan, Italy and Barcelona, Spain, in order to further understand that the European textile industry is promoting only automatic advanced equipment The application of Internet of things, intelligent production, enterprise management, market operation and other advanced technologies and experience is expected to achieve the purpose of guiding domestic textile industry related enterprises to better cooperate with the market, stable production and rapid development.

          As for ITMA exhibition, fashion printing will launch a special report on ITMA exhibition in Barcelona 2019 in the future, and relevant contents will not be described in this report.

          The following is a summary from four aspects: pattern design company, ink factory, printing factory and equipment manufacturer.

          1. Pattern design company

          The delegation went to Europe and visited two flower design companies. Anteprima and Blue Studio. The two flower design companies are different in scale and concept, but both of them are worthy of reference in the Chinese market. The relevant comparison has been described in detail in the previous article, and will not be repeated here.

          Italian's unrestrained character and creative talent make it incomparable in pattern design. Even the first visual PV fabric exhibition in Paris, France, held in France, is mostly the world of Italian flower design exhibition. Flower design just released the Italian creative nature. In the visiting design studio, we found that most designers are women, after all, women are more obsessed with fashion and fashion.

          At the same time, the delegation realized that an independent flower design company with complete concept and spirit is indispensable to create a high creative market, greatly improve the added value of products, and build a national brand. At this stage, the domestic market is still in an imperfect state, and I hope there are more domestic flower design companies.

          2. Ink factory

          The ink factory selected by the delegation is Kian ink factory under JK group. Ink production belongs to the upstream of printing industry chain and is divided into dyeing and chemical factories (unfinished)

          Because of the length

          Xiaobian can only provide such a synopsis in wechat

          The full version of the report has been made available to all European members

          If you want to see the full summary report

          Meiqing, vice president of business

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